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Hockey Hits Walker; Nighthawks Night To Remember

I remember going to Nighthawks games like it was yesterday. The clip posted here - yeah, I was at this game. I saw this beef. 

Hardcore hockey fans will tell you this is no beef at all, and that the Nighthawks heyday was long before this, back in the '70's. They're probably right. 

But I have such fond memories of these games during my high school years:

1. Getting dropped off at the Coliseum and, as my mom or some friend's mom would shout, "picked up right here, in this exact same spot!" 

2. Driving their ourselves and parking on the street one block over, behind the museum behind the Coliseum, at a time when tickets weren't guaranteed. (Though there was some towing on occasion.) 

3. The chill of the Coliseum, which would make the many gorgeous gals shiver adorably, accept your offer for hot chocolate, your jacket, and maybe even your arm around their shoulder. 

4. Under the bleacher action (see above). 

5. The hotdogs. Am I crazy or were they delicious? 

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