Family of Dog That Died On United Flight Speaks

United Airlines has had yet another rough week. Aside from this story, the airline also mistakenly shipped a dog headed to Kansas City to....Japan. People confuse those two locales all the time, right? Yeesh.

As for the puppy placed in an overhead bin, thanks to it jutting out into the aisle a bit, I'm personally struggling with how SO many people could have gone along with this. The passenger who reported it, the owner, the flight attendant...there's just so much blame to go around. 

Granted, the owner had a baby with her too, in addition to other children - so she was overwhelmed to begin with - but she still should have had the wherewithal to object to a 10-month-old French bulldog (of all breeds; breathing is already inherently an issue) put in an overhead bin for over three hours. In addition to the breathing end of the equation, there are bags banging into each other. 

WARNING: One child speaking in this clip talks about the puppy barking for the first two hours and then stopping, the attendant not allowing them to check on their pet, and there is a photo of the dog. 

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