This Week's 'This Is Us' Jack's Death Theory

In this clip "This Is Us" stars Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) and Justin Hartley (hit TV son Kevin) discuss some fan theories they've heard about how Jack died. I don't know if any of mine have reached them. I hope not. Mostly because I keep changing my mind (although the Toby one is strong). 

But I was definitely off about Kate being the culprit. After last night's episode, where somehow they want us to believe the movie Kevin is in that Ron Howard is directing has Sylvester Stallone as its star, I have a new theory. (BTW: Did you know that Milo once played Sly's son, and it was a Rocky movie!)

Why did Kate mentioning Jack just before Kevin filmed his big scene rattle him so much? Why did Stallone's kind words to co-star "Kevin" about his late father rattle him so much? Why did Kevin even confess to Stallone that he doesn't like talking about his dad? And, finally, why is young Kevin sporting that cast, as we've seen in flashbacks? I'll tell you why: Because he KILLED HIS FATHER. 

Maybe it was jealousy over his adopted brother, who was clearly given special treatment by his dad. Maybe Miguel doled out a few bucks to the lad to take his dad out, and Kev needed that loot for his girl. Whatever the reason, Kevin is a killer. 

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