5 Problems With The New 'Star Wars' Trailer


"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will no doubt rule the box office this coming holiday season. This new trailer only succeeds in confirming that suspicion. However, it does have just a few problems. (Keep in mind, this is the extended version, and not the trailer that just premiered and will be seen in theaters for the next two months.) 

1. Chewbacca's owl-like sidekick. Have we learned NOTHING from Jar-Jar Binks? This is who's standing by one of the series' most beloved character's side in place of Han Solo forevermore?

2. Carrie Fisher's inclusion. The decision to include the late actress in the trailer is fine, but every time the camera zooms in on her, her jaw is dropped and she's looking on at something in disbelief. If you want to give Leia a nod in the trailer, give her a LINE in it too. Of dialogue I mean. 

3. Mark Hamill still can't act. In fact, he's actually pulled off getting worse

4. The dark side, the dark side, the dark side....is this a "Star Wars" sequel or an "Eddie & The Cruisers" one? We've got Kylo Ren (the brilliant Adam Driver) grappling with it - again - in the new trailer, and now Rey, too? Puh-lease

5. Two words: Where's. Lando. 

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