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NBC's "This Is Us" has single-handedly revived network TV. All the love was going to HBO, Netflix, Hulu and on and on, but thanks to a prime time drama on the Peacock Network on Tuesday nights, all eyes are back on the Big 3. 

We're all waiting to find out how Jack died. Theories abound. Towards the end of last season I theorized that Miguel had killed him, just to get his best friend's gril, Kate - hey, they are married now, aren't they? Okay, so I was totally joking, but so many people on Facebook bought this theory hook, line and sinker that I continued. 

Next I accused William, so jealous was he of the man that raised his son as his own. Alas, William wouldn't make it to the end of the show's first season! 

Last week I was thinking Toby, dedicated fiance of Jack's beloved little girl, Kate. Toby, I theorized, burned the house down as a kid, killing Jack, and grew up loaded with guilt. Ultimately he chose to put on weight, woo Kate, and see to it that the man he accidentally killed's pride and joy would be happy - it was the least he could do. 

Now, after last night's episode, I say......It was KATE HERSELF! It has been established she is very resentful of her mother, and that daddy is her favorite (like at my house). Last night she made it very clear she was on dad's side when it came to their troubles, and did you see the way she kept cupping his face with her loving little hands? (SO touching!). I say Kate finally got to a point of, "I gotta release this guy from his misery" or even "if I can't have him no one will." 

What say you?   

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