How To Deal With Your Kid's Graduation

My daughter is now a high schooler. Her graduation from middle school is quite frankly surreal to me. And not for any of those "where did the time go" or "blink and you miss it" tropes; because my eyes were wide open throughout it all and I soaked up every second of said time. It's surreal mostly because I'm in disbelief, a tad melancholy, and really just went to press pause. Instead, I will:

1.) Listen to music about graduating, like 3EB's "Graduate," the ditty posted here, or even that Simon & Garfunkel classic "Mrs. Robinson." Cuz music soothes the soul. 

2.) Drink. Not excessively. Not even close. But slow and steadily, even methodically - a fine, chilled Pinot Grigio.

3.) NOT recreate any photos. I'm not going to prop my graduate up in the same spot where we took her picture on Day One going to school, making her strike the same pose - even cram her into the outfit she wore that day, or some variation. That's an exercise is self-flagellation.  

4.) Watch a high school-themed movie with JUST HER. We've done "Clueless" and "Mean Girls" and "Can't Hardly Wait" already, so I'm open for suggestions. We might simply revisit "The Breakfast Club," which we've watched repeatedly. 

5.) Alone time. But it's got to be just the right amount. Definitely not too much. Even if it's just a cup of coffee at the cafe down the street long before anybody else wakes up on either Saturday or Sunday. 

6.) Turn my attention to my graduate's little brother. Lavish him with affection and offers to do all sorts of things together. Because, you see, he's still a tyke - a wee one. He hasn't figured out his friends are more fun yet. 

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