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Adam Sandler's Best On-Screen Love Interests

It took me years to realize that Sandler was actually being slick. Salma Hayek and Kate Beckinsale being cast as his wife - was for us. For the guys. I always just thought, "Yeah right, someone who looks like that would marry YOU in real life. Puh-lease." Now, with his latest film hitting Netflix, it's time to look back at his greatest on-screen love interests. "Sandy Wexler" is screening now, with Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson joining his list of leading ladies. 

1. Drew Barrymore (great chemistry, and three films together in the can, the first being Sandler's breakthrough "The Wedding Singer") 

2. Joey Lauren Adams (a forgotten treasure from "Big Daddy")

3. Jennifer Aniston (every bit his comedic equal, if not funnier, they paired for "Just Go With It")

4. Winona Ryder (somehow it works in "Mr. Deeds") 

5. Marisa Tomei (the under-rated "Anger Management," alongside the brilliant Jack Nicholson)

6. Jessica Biel ("I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" - worth it for Biel's underwear scene alone) 

7. Kate Beckinsale (a huge leap here and she is given very little to do, but she is luminous in the very touching "Click") 

8. Salma Hayek (completely laughable as his wife in both "Grown-Ups" films - which doesn't mean she's funny) 

9. Keri Russell (forgettable in "Bedtime Stories")  

10. Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise must have been a nuisance on the set of "Jack & Jill") 

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