Plane Crash At Tweed in The Cove

I grew up in Morris Cove, and used to walk to Tweed-New Haven airport as a kid for pancakes and hot chocolate this time of year, way back when there was a small open-to-the-public kitchenette. Over the years the airport has grown, as has discontent among some neighbors of it, due to noise, smog...and maybe even just a nagging fear of what happening today being more of a possibility. A small plane crash has claimed the life of one passenger (as of this writing), and this is only a few years out from another small plane crash involving the airport - that one into a house. This crash took place closer to the water, and in this clip you'll hear a fine gentleman I had the pleasure of growing up with - Paulie D'Agostino - calling in to WTNH to talk about witnessing it first hand.    

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