CNN: Half of January Covid Deaths Were Double Vaxxed

CLAY: I saw a data point that is not getting very much attention. But CNN itself actually shared it. Do you know that almost 50% of the people who died with covid in January were double vaxxed? CNN had a huge article that they had written basically saying, “Everybody has to go out and get a booster.” But for a long time, the argument was, “Oh…” You know, initially, Joe Biden told us — and continuing our misinformation theme here — “If you get the covid shot,” it wasn’t very long ago, “you will neither get nor spread covid ever anymore!”

CDC had Rochelle Walensky, everybody, Dr. Fauci, they all spread that. They all said this is the story with the covid shot, and then a few months later they suddenly came out and they said, “Well, if you get the covid shot, then you can still get and spread covid, but the odds are that you’re not going to have any kind of severe reaction.” In fact, Joe Biden in July of last year specifically said, “If you get the covid shot, you’re not going to die of covid.”

Well, now, CNN is coming out and saying, “Well,” the data now in January actually shows that nearly 50% of the people that were dying with covid had been double vaccinated. And so now they’re saying you need to get a booster shot in order to be protected. But the booster shot wanes, too (chuckles), which is why they’re now saying you need a fifth shot if you’re over 50 years old now.

So we’re gonna talk about that with Alex Berenson because I’m genuinely curious what the latest data is showing him as it pertains to these covid shots and the overall rates of covid, as the Biden White House has now come out and said, “Hey, we may go a hundred million more cases of covid, could happen this fall and winter.” It’s kind of what I’m calling “the midterm variant,” because it could give Democrats an opportunity to argue that they need the changed voting bills in all the different states so that they can rig another election to avoid what might otherwise be a red tide that is going to be sweep over them.

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