President Trump doubled-down on his promise to the American people that there can be no immigration overhaul without the construction of a border wall on Wednesday, telling journalists at the White House that any deal involving DACA must include funding for the physical barrier.

“Some yesterday were throwing up the panic flag a little bit because the President had that very interesting immigration meeting with members of Congress that was televised,” said Buck Sexton.  “People were worried when the President said it needs to be a ‘bill of love’ and he would be willing to take the heat. But today he’s saying there has to be a wall.”

“If the President gets that wall, think about the message that that’s going to send to the base, to the Democrats, to the left, to everybody,” he added. “It’s going to a show a president that follows through not on just some promises, but core promises. Central to his platform, to his agenda, and that would be rocket-fuel for the rest of his term or terms.”

“We should take some degree of reassurance from the President’s statements today. Very clear, I don’t know how he could be more clear about how we’re going to have a wall,” Sexton said.

“The President showed us that it’s on Congress, they have to put something in front of him to sign. If they come up with nothing, it can’t be that the President didn’t lead. He said what the key points are, he’s made it very straightforward in terms of what he wants,” he added.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.

The Buck Sexton Show

The Buck Sexton Show

Buck Sexton is a former political commentator for CNN, and previously served as national security editor for and host of “The Buck Sexton Show” on TheBlazeTV and TheBlazeRadio. He’s a frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show,... Read more


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