LISTEN NOW: Shields High Episode One, 'The Hammer: Charles Martel'

From nationally syndicated radio host Buck Sexton, a new podcast that looks at the epic struggles that- had they gone the other way- could have extinguished the western world as we know it.

From the Persians of Xerxes to the Janissaries of the Ottoman Sultan, on many occasions vast and powerful forces nearly conquered the Western world before it ever could be realized. It was only through the valiant last stands of armies led by champions from Charles Martel to Don Juan of Austria that the West- the greatest force for human freedom, liberty, and knowledge in history-fought back and won.

This series will explore those heroes and the momentous battles that reverberate from ancient times to present. Follow Shields High on iHeartRadio or Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen to episode one, The Hammer: Charles Martel. The epic tale of how “The Hammer” defeated a ruthless Islamic army, preserving Christianity and Western Civilization from the forces of jihad.

Listen below:


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