Yellow Jackets at Blue Devils - Goralnik's Guesses

No need to look back because I am here to remind you that I am ON FIRE! Winner of my last three (dating back to the last game of our winter season), I am undefeated this softball season and I intend to maintain my momentum.

Tonight presents a tricky matchup because both teams are so well coached and that can often be a big swing factor in my decision. East Haven has a tremendous team (as always) and have been handed an odd set of circumstances where they start their season with all road games and then finish off at home. Well the Yellow Jackets have done well with a 7-1 record and this will be their last road game.

West Haven shot out of their delayed gate (the were paused to start the season because of Covid) but has since stumbled in their past two games. This game seems to be fairly obvious when I state all of the facts but that's like saying a team looks good on paper. There is a reason that these games are played and tonight will show why.

I expect a battle but West Haven will certainly be up for the challenge in the battle of East vs West. Give them the home field and put East Haven on the last leg of a long road trip, I have a sneaky feeling the Blue Devils are primed for an upset. I say upset because West Haven sports a 3-2 record but make no mistake about it; this is a talented bunch of girls.

As I said, I am 2-0 this spring and 13-10 overall. See if I can keep my win streak alive as you can watch this game with the play-by-play right here on our WELI.COM webpage!

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