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How a PROXY WAR against oil & gas is ruining our nation

The Biden administration is GASLIGHTING every American citizen about oil and gas, and in this clip, Glenn shows a clip from Joe’s 2020 presidential campaign that proves it. So, we know the president is LYING to us all about gas. But, meanwhile, there's a proxy war happening in oil industries throughout the nation. Glenn reads an op-ed from Vivek Ramaswamy that explains how BlackRock is manipulating corporations like Exxon to DECLINE oil production…all while Americans continue to suffer majorly at the pump.


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GLENN: All right. So the oil companies. Why aren't the oil companies putting more oil out? Well, it's a couple of reasons. And none of those to do with Joe Biden. None of them. Even though, it was Joe Biden that said, when he was running, that he was going to put oil out of business. Here's the flashback. Cut three, please.

BIDEN: No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.

VOICE: Since Russia has amassed -- started amassing troops on the border, we saw -- we've seen a 2-dollar increase of gas prices. So we know where to put the blame on the war. But oil companies, they have oil refineries, they have responsibility too. So this is basically a bit of a, hey, we want you to act. It's time to act. We have done our part. With the strategic oil reserve. We are calling on them to do the right thing, to be patriots here. And to not use the war as an excuse. Or as a reason to not put -- to not put out a production. To not do the capacity that is needed there.

STU: Oh, my gosh. This is unbelievable. First of all, you notice the sleight of hand there. Which is, now, it's no longer the war that is doing it. It was the beginning of amassing of the troops on the border. Which is changing the time line by months and months and months. When they themselves were saying, at the beginning at least, that they did not expect a full invasion. Ukraine was saying, they did not expect a full invasion. But we're to believe that all of the oil price gains from that moment forward, are going to be applied to the Putin price hike, despite the fact, that in the chart, which we've released here from this program. You can see very clearly what the price hike was. Which was a slight deviation for a very short period of time, off of the already increasing line that had been going on for quite a long time. In addition to the fact, that as you hear there, they ran their entire campaign, on punishing oil companies. And saying how we were going to transform the economy away from fossil fuels. They bragged about it from the supporters from the Democratic primaries. From the debates. To fundraise. To environmentalists. Over and over and over again. They said, of you the most prominent things they did, on the very first day in office. Were multiple environmental executive orders, to restrict drilling. They did all of that. And then now, they're claiming the exact opposite. It's incredible.

GLENN: All right. So it's not just that. I mean, first of all, you're exactly right, on all of those things. And, in fact, if you listen to John Kerry, who is our climate czar. He talks about oil, in a completely different way. He says, we don't need to go back to oil. As if, we've all agreed, that oil is a bad thing. Here's John Kerry. Listen to this.

VOICE: And energy security worry, is driving a lot of the thoughts now, about, oh, we need more drilling on this. We need more drilling on that. We need to go back to coal. No, we don't. We absolutely don't. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this. Or, again, pun intended we are cooked.

GLENN: Hmm. So we don't -- we definitely don't have to do that. And, you know what, it's not as bad as everybody thinks. Here's our energy secretary. Cut five.

VOICE: But if you were in -- if you were in Brazil, you would be paying the same amount for gas at the pump, $5. If you were in Canada, you would be paying over $6.

VOICE: Understood. Understood, Secretary. We're talking about the United States though. We're talking about the United States right now.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, I mean, if we were living in Brazil. You know what gas would cost if we were all living on the moon? Now, I live in America right now, and I'm used to having energy, plentiful, because that's what made us successful. That's what made us the leader in the world. Cheap energy. But, you know -- but if we were living in Brazil, which none of us are! If we were living in Brazil, we would be paying the same prices we're paying right now. So -- and they've got beaches, you know. And bikinis. And everything else. So how could it possibly be bad? Now, here's what's really going on. The one thing that they are doing their best to hide from you. Joe Biden made it very, very clear, no secret at all. That when he's president, he would stop all oil and gas. Period. That's his words. Play the beginning of that flashback again for me. Listen.

BIDEN: No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.

VOICE: Since -- since --

GLENN: Okay. Got it?

No ability for the oil companies to drill, period. By the way, if he's doing everything he can, he just, yesterday, passed on another chance. Another auction was canceled for drilling sites. Here's what the truth is. It's not just Joe Biden doing this. This is -- this is the stakeholder ESG war. Listen to this. Vivek Ramaswamy. He came out with an op-ed, about a month or two ago. And bears returning to. The world's most influential impact investor, had its desired impact. Before the proxy battle, Exxon had planned to increase oil and gas production, by 25 percent over the next five years. Okay? Got it? They're going to expand oil, and their output by 25 percent. However, BlackRock controls so many votes and so many shares of Exxon, that they waged a war against the -- against the -- the board of directors. And they put two environmentalists on the board of directors. As soon as that proxy battle was over, what did Exxon do? They planned to keep oil output at the lowest level in two decades. A 20 percent decline, from former forecasts. So they were going up by 25 percent, and after BlackRock got involved. They went down by 20 percent.

ExxonMobil used to be an oil and gas company. But now, BlackRock is guiding the company. And it's over. Royal Dutch Shell is now facing the same problem. BlackRock is the company's largest shareholder. So, what are they going to do? Well, they have -- they have come out and said, Shell has too many competing stakeholders. Not shareholders. Stakeholders. If you've read my book on ESG and the great reset. You know what that means. A stakeholder means the government. Means the towns. Means the country. Means the world.

Everybody, but you. And people who are actually shareholders. So Shell has too many competing stakeholders, pushing for too many different directions, resulting in an incoherent, conflicting set of strategies, attempting to appease multiple interests, but satisfying none.

You know who they should appease? They should appease their shareholders. The people who actually own the shares. Not the proxy shareholders. Like BlackRock. They should also do what's best for their company. Some shareholders, they say, want Shell to invest as aggressively as possible in renewable energy, while others want Shell to give priority to returns on capital, from its legacy oil and gas business. So what are they doing? They're talking about breaking Shell up into two companies. One, the green dream company for the future for BlackRock, and the other, you know, the old legacy oil and gas. Where is the oil and gas company, going to get any money from investors if BlackRock has already destroyed Exxon for that? Hello! This is what is truly happening. This is why I wrote the book The Great Reset. If you haven't gotten it yet, will you please pick it up. Share it with your friends. Because everything is changing because of this. And your state treasurer -- the State Treasurer of West Virginia, the State Treasurer of Utah are probably the two best right now that are working -- and there are other treasurers that are working on it. These two come to mind, that are some of the best ones that are working on ESG. They are taking the money out of BlackRock and any other investment firm, that is basing their investment on ESG. It's got to stop. They're using your money to kill our country. If it wasn't for your money, this is blackmail. If it wasn't for your money, literally, your money, they couldn't pull this off. But we're invested in the three biggest investment firms. So all of our money, from our 401(k)s, they're all in these three big firms. So what do you do? Well, the first thing your state should do, is pull back their proxy votes. Do not allow these ESG companies, to have the votes behind your shares. The second thing that has to happen, is you have got to get your money out of these firms. You need to vote for state treasurers that understand this and are working hard to kill it. If you are a State Treasurer, and you don't yet know what to do, call the state treasurers, that are doing something about it. Call the guy in -- in West Virginia. Call the guy in Utah. Call anybody that is doing something, that really, truly understands, what you're facing. Because no matter what, Joe Biden is directly responsible.

You know, last night. Last night, I showed you some of the things that they're planning to do. And how the SEC is planning on getting involved in this. And how our government is not writing the ESG scores. And writing the -- the laws on how to regulate these companies for climate control. That's all being done by an offshore group. An international offshore group. We looked into who is funding it. It is terrifying. These people know exactly what they're doing. They know who they serve. And what a surprise. It's not the -- just the usual suspects. It's also, a group of dark money funders, run by the former head of the Clinton initiative.

Wow! So as we're punished. As we're dying, the Clintons and others are getting rich. You've got to get up on speed on this, because your country is slipping away, quickly. Back in just a minute. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half-hour. It's preborn. Look, I'm going to tell you here, when we come back from this one-minute break. I'm going to tell you about Jane's revenge. What is happening right now. They have issued a letter of threat. You know, they can't get the DOJ to even look into this stuff. It is shameful what is happening. Open letter to the pro-life centers across the country. Jane's revenge. They said, they are going to continue as operations normal. All of the violence, they said, your 30 days expired yesterday.

We offered you an honor way out. Basically, to close your doors. And stop trying to save babies. You could have walked away. But now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for your campaign, of oppression to continue. We have demonstrated in the past month, how easy and fun it is, to attack. We are versatile, we are mercurial, and we answer to no one, but ourselves.

They are going to take increasingly drastic measures, using their words. They said they will attack pro-life centers, both overtly and covertly. Listen to this. Because this is ESG's same tactic. Until insurance companies and financial backers realize that you are a bad investment, we are at war with absolute evil. Evil.

Good is bad. And bad is good. We are living in those days. I firmly believe we have to be more like George Washington. We have to be people of merit. We have to find favor in the eyes of God. God is not on our side. He's not on anybody's side. We must be on his side. And we are soldiers now, fighting in a spiritual war.

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