Seal Gets Eel Stuck in Nose

Scientists studying monk seals in Hawaii were surprised to spot one  unfortunate creature that had wound up with an eel stuck in its nose.  The bizarre scene was shared online by the Hawaiian Monk Seal Research  Program earlier this week in a post on their Facebook page. Surprisingly, the animal's strange predicament is not entirely  unheard of as they have actually "found juvenile seals with eels stuck  in their noses on multiple occasions."

Fortunately for this particular congested creature, the group was able  to quickly remove the eel in a matter of seconds and the seal was no  worse for wear. Alas, the same could not be said about the eel, which  did not survive its misadventure inside of the animal's snout. As to  what may have caused the weird encounter between the seal and the eel,  the group offered a pair of possible scenarios which could have taken  place.

Find out what they think may have led to the seal and the eel coming together at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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