Pilots Report UFO Sighting Over Canada

A pair of pilots flying over the Canadian territory of Baffin Island  last month reported seeing a UFO that appeared to change colors.  According to a local media source,  the mysterious encounter took place on November 24th at around 8:30 in  the evening as a Nolinor Aviation airliner was making a seemingly  routine flight to a northern part of the island. A somewhat sparse  report filed to the Canadian Civil Aviation Authority indicated that the  pilots spotted something unidentified, that NORAD had been informed of  the incident, and that the flight proceeded without any problems.

Although the official report provides little in the way of details  surrounding the object that puzzled the pilots, an official with Nolinor  airlines was able to provide some insight on the case after speaking  with the witnesses. Marco Prud’homme says that pilot recalled seeing an  inexplicable light that appeared, at different times, to be red, green,  and white. Despite the fantastic nature of the sighting, he posited that  the oddity was "probably something natural" such as a meteorite.

More on this intriguing story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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