Chilling Video Shows Ghost Of Patient Who Just Died Returning To Hospital

Photo: Getty Images

If ghosts exist, there are certain places where you might imagine they would be more likely to be seen - graveyards, battlefields and of course, hospitals, so it shouldn't be too surprising that something very eerie and paranormal just occurred after hours at a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it was all captured by security cameras.

The footage shows a lone guard at a desk at 3:30 in the morning when the sliding doors in front of him open. While no one can be seen coming in, the guard acts as though a patient has just entered. He seemingly welcomes the person into the lobby, checks them in, directs them where to go and even offers to take them there in a wheelchair.

Surprised to have not seen them hours later, he went to check and find out where the person went. He asked the medical staff about the patient and they had no idea what he was talking about since no one had come or gone, but they were especially shocked when he gave them the name of the person who he checked in. It was the name of a woman who already was a patient but had died just a few hours earlier.

A spokesperson at the medical center said that the strange incident is being investigated, but they think it was just the guard playing a prank. They explained that the automatic doors have been broken and were opening by themselves a few times during the guard's shift, stating, "It is the door to one of the entrances that is open after hours, it is the entrance to see the duty doctor. As it was broken, it opened by itself 28 times during the 10 hours between Thursday night and Friday early morning." They also noted, "There is no entry record of any person at that time. This gentleman pretends to be writing something, but when you go to the registry, no one appears. No one entered and no one was registered either. But everything is under investigation."

No word on why the guard would go to such lengths to pretend a patient was entering or if he actually did interact with someone... or something.

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