If You Find This Hidden On Your Car, Be Careful - You Could Be In Danger

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Most times when you park your car, you return to it just like you left it, but that isn't always the case for some people, and many have used TikTok to warn others about what happened to them. There are videos about if you find a water bottle on your car, if there is a piece of cheese on your vehicle, and if there is a wire hanging from your car's door handle. But there also can be times you come back to your parked car and see nothing has changed, only something has and you just don't know, and it has put you in danger.

That's what went down for one California woman named Ashley, and she shared her story on TikTok. In the video she posted, she showed an Apple AirTag she found hidden behind her front license plate. Researching the device, she realized every stop she made that day had been tracked.

***WARNING: There is some harsh language in this video.

In a follow-up video, Ashley explained how she was driving with her friend when her friend got a notification on her phone that an AirTag was detected near her. She was able to play a sound from the AirTag, and that's how they discovered it hidden behind the front plate.

The notification said the AirTag was first seen at 7:34. Ashley made her first stop at 7:30, which means within four minutes of arriving and parking, someone had placed the tracker on her car and took off.

Ashley spoke to the police but because it was a non-emergency, they asked her to come down to the station to make a report. Because she has the serial number and part of the phone number attached to the AirTag, Ashley said she plans to call Apple as well to report what happened and to see if they can give her any other information.

Apple knows that things like this can happen with their tracker, which is why Ashley's friend's phone got the notification. Ashley explained that AirTags have a security feature that alerts nearby iPhones if an unknown AirTag is detected within ten feet.

Find out if Ashley was able to learn anything else about the tracker by following her on TikTok here.

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