Is The NHPD Exodus The REAL Problem Here?

Paul Witherspoon III, 21, was shot at by Yale University police officer Terrance Pollock and Hamden officer Devin Eaton on April 16, which has resulted in protests, demands for his termination, plus some residents saying they've "been feeling the effects of disrespect of black people from police.” For the record, Eaton is African-American. He's also a former New Haven cop. There have been stories of low morale at with the NHPD for many years now, and a revolving door of police chiefs. There are so few cops on the job in the Elm City, in fact, that there are active campaigns to entice both young people who might be interested in a career in law enforcement and women, in particular, in play these days. The past few years have seen many New Haven officers either retire early, only to ultimately take another gig in a smaller, quieter town, or just straight up leave for that gig. Isn't that a significant problem? Rumor has it Officer Eaton was only on the job in New Haven for two years. Why such a short stint, only to head right next door to Hamden?



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