Candace Owens At UConn Draws Protesters

Owens, who attended Stamford High School, came into the national spotlight as a voice for black conservatives after she created YouTube videos espousing her views and was hired by Turning Point USA, which promotes conservatism on college campuses. While the UConn event was not without its fair share of tensions, it's this clip here that shows most glaringly the Left's disdain (and dismissal) of Ms. Owens. While admonishing a man on the panel for "thinking black people stupid," she gets chastised by Chairman Nadler, a crotchety old white man, for calling said man stupid. When Owens explains that he couldn't have possibly been listening, and that she had said something else entirely he simply shrugs his shoulders as if he hasn't a care in the world. Startling to watch. All of it really.



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