Airline Passengers Shocked As Giant Scorpion Crawls Out Of Overhead Bin

Passengers waiting to disembark from a Lion Air jet were shocked when a giant scorpion started crawling out of an overhead bin. According to the Independent, the scorpion was discovered after the plane had landed in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta while people were removing their bags from the overhead bins.

One of the passengers shared a couple of photos and a video of the poisonous arachnid crawling just above the heads of people still sitting in their seats on Instagram. The 12-inch long black scorpion then disappeared back into the space between the bins.

According to the Daily Mail, the scorpion appeared to be an Asian forest scorpion, which is one of the most aggressive scorpions in Indonesia.

Danang Mandala Prihantoro, a spokesman for Lion Air, said that they searched the aircraft and did not find the arachnid, which he incorrectly identified as a spider.

"From the observations according to the photograph and video, the animal resembles a spider. Ground service officers and technicians immediately carried out an in-depth search and thorough handling of the aircraft after the passengers and cargo were removed, but no animals were found."

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