Burger King's Nightmare Burger Is All The Rage

I remember when Hardee's placed a hot dog on top of its burger and called it a "Most American Thickburger." It was only a few years back, circa 2015, and Americans were immediately intrigued, like now with Burger King's "Nightmare Burger." Hardee's didn't tie their new sandwich to any particular holiday, though; Fourth of July seems like a no-brainer! (I, personally, was all about Hardee's "Frisco Burger," but perhaps that's for another time.) 

The "Nightmare Burger" boasts a combination of grilled beef, crispy chicken, bacon, American cheese, and mayonnaise on a bun dyed green, and Burger King says its own study of 100 people who ate the Nightmare King before bed for ten days suggests it actually causes bad dreams.



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