Alyssa MilaNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I like Alyssa Milano. I really do. Well, her work anyway. Fact is, rumor has it she can be quite demanding on a set (which I know many actors - both male and female - can be), and her ability to sit a day's shoot out in her trailer until she gets her way is what got Shannen Doherty booted from her comeback hit series "Charmed." Damn, she's even complaining to anyone who will listen about The CW even having the nerve to reboot the show. 

But she's always delivered in front of the camera, even if nowadays when one is on her she's busily ranting and raving about something. Where's Mona when you need her? 

Then again, forget "Who's The Boss?" These are the projects where Milano REALLY delivered, many of them not all that well-documented: 

Fear: Mark Wahlberg. Reese Witherspoon. Technically, this is what got Hollywood taking Wahlberg seriously, but not necessarily Milano, who was quite good as the "bestie," who doesn't quite have the guts to say no to her best friend's boyfriend. Hmmm. 

Melrose Place: Seriously, she was on it! Go ahead and Google away! She didn't get the attention Heather Locklear or even Lisa Rhinna wound up getting and - again - probably should have. She played Michael's little sister - and fans of the show know it was all about Michael. 

Poison Ivy II: I'm actually not being a wiseguy here; it was a slick move on Milano's part to do the direct-to-video sequel to the movie where Drew Barrymore shed her cute Hollywood kiddie skin by playing a Lolita of sorts. Milano wanted to do the same, and did. Well. But, it should be pointed out she showed skin so features would let her in. 

Living Dolls: This short-lived ABC sitcom was a spin-off of "Who's The Boss?" wherein Samantha Micelli begins modeling and blows everyone in the industry away so much she's offered a lucrative contract. Her co-star? Halle Berry. 

Mistresses: The recent ABC hit actually couldn't survive without Milano, who called it quits when they began shooting the show in Vancouver instead of LA. Despite Jennifer Esposito, Jes Macallan and a slew of other well-known beauties playing women married men slept with behind their wives' backs staying on, her departure caused the cancellation. 

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