"Babysitting While Black"

Corey Lewis, owner/operator of "Inspired By Lewis," says he first noticed the woman as he crossed the Walmart parking lot with the two white children in his care, ages 6 and 10. She was sitting in a Kia sedan, staring, and then ultimately pulled alongside his vehicle and asked his permission to ask the older of the two if she was okay. Lewis said that she could not. Then all hell broke loose. 

She stalked him as he went to get gas and eventually return home - not to the business he runs, the aforementioned "Inspired By Lewis." He happily provided the address to that business to the officer who arrived on the scene after the woman called this all in, but was not asked why he didn't take the children back there, as opposed to his home. 

For all intents and purposes, Lewis seems to have a thriving business, and the kids in his care on this day definitely have love for the guy, with the younger of the two asking his mother (a lawyer, by the way) later in the day if he'd still be getting taken care of by him. 

Lewis maintains the only reason the woman thought anything strange was because Lewis is black and the children white. And truth be told, Lewis could have been all sorts of things: friend of the family, a neighbor, co-worker, family member...... but he is the daycare provider. In this "see something, say something" day and age, a woman pulling up and asking permission of an adult to ask a child in his or her care if she can ask that child if all is well - no matter what her motive - would appear to be a good thing, no? But those who do say something when they see something are always scrutinized, vilified and the rest of us, ultimately, petrified

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