"Da Nang Dick" & "Sleepy Joe"

And you thought nicknames were the stuff of your childhood, or maybe even just your neighborhood or schoolyard! "Da Nang Dick" is one of Trump's latest - and perhaps greatest - nicknames to date, and in reference to CT's own Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Here are some other nicknames you may have forgotten: 

Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un) 

Crazy Jim Acosta

Irrelevant Glenn Beck

Punchy DeNiro (Actor Robert DeNiro)

Sour Lemon (Don Lemon)

Low Energy Jeb (Jeb Bush) 

Crooked Hillary (Hillary Clinton)

Wild Bill (Bill Clinton) 

Leakin' James Comey

Lyin' Ted (Ted Cruz) 

Little Marco (Marco Rubio) 

Crazy Bernie (Bernie Sanders) 

Low-IQ Maxine (Maxine Waters)

Tom “marbles in his mouth” Brokaw

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