"Wreck"-reational Marijuana

Sure, the more than 70 people who overdosed on what authorities believe to be synthetic marijuana (also known as K2 or spice) on the New Haven Green is a different beast than sitting down on the couch and smoking a "fatty." But, don't get it twisted (that's another pun, too, BTW); legalizing weed is the slipperiest of slopes. Below, some incredibly true stories involving stoned folks I know from back in the day, all of which took place after the age of 21. This mad dash to hash might generate that precious revenue we are all hearing about - it's just, those seeking to legalize it need to know whereof they speak. Some people walk right into walls when they're stoned; they struggle with pushing a door they are supposed to pull open for close to 20 minutes. Read on: 

A former East Haven hockey legend once managed to lock himself in the trunk of a friend's car at Fort Hale with the keys in his pocket (he was given them to fetch a beer, the driver oh-so designated). It was mid-summer and the seats in his bud's freshly Armor All-ed car did not come down from said trunk space. The rescue took over half an hour, the story living on in infamy. 

A one-time altar boy barely six months into his first gig as a journalist endeavored to prove to friends that he could, in fact, scale an enormous tree at the exit of Lighthouse Park, only to freak out upon climbing way, way up. This resulted in the fire department being called so that a firefighter and his trusty ladder could get the baked 23-year-old down from the tree. 

A former EHHS basketball star walked abruptly in front of a car in the parking lot of KFC after eating a half dozen parfaits from the chain (are they even still on the menu) and swearing he spotted a ghost. His response was to violently punch the hood of the car, as if the slow-moving driver were at fault. Or maybe the ghost. 

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