Sharpton's Misguided Trump Takedown Using Aretha

Either his teleprompter guy is having fun at Al Sharpton's expense, a la Ron Burgundy in "Anchorman," or Sharpton just has an unparalleled knack for misreading, mispronunciation....and mismanagement. Because if there were a decent producer in his studio he or she would be imploring the guy to simply correct himself upon returning from commercial break, maybe have a little fun with his gaffes, or just plain cue up his own blooper reel one day and do the self-deprecation boogie. 

But no. They just leave the poor guy out there, misspelling "respect" while vilifying Trump, a word his "friend" Aretha Franklin shot to fame spelling in song. Trump got clobbered for expressing condolences and saying she had "worked many Trump Foundation events," plus extending his "best wishes" to the family, which many deemed the wrong choice of words. Where are those people here? 



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