EH Board of Ed Makes Right Call For Savo

I must admit to totally not getting where one attends school ever being based on a lottery system. It's school, for Pete's sake. It's one's education. The way I see it: The closest one to you is it. Proximity's the key. That's what made a community when I was a kid. 

Still, lotteries are in place, and one East Haven resident's son is attending a school that his daughter didn't win "the golden ticket" to also attend. He made a private plea to the superintendent but was rebuffed. 

In a now-viral Facebook video Brian Savo really made his case, though, citing his battle with ALS as the main reason the decision should be reversed. The East Haven board voted on this second request and approved it. 

He was diagnosed in 2009 (Lou Gehrig's disease)  and was told he had only two to five years to live. His wife Maria - a wonderful gal I had the pleasure of growing up with - was six months pregnant with their second child.

Brian attributes a strong family and support system, the Hospital for Special Care and Doctor Kevin Felice, a never-give-up attitude, and the joy he gets from giving back, as the things that have helped him beat the odds. That and basically being loved by everyone who knows him. He's a fighter. 

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