What A Load Of Raging Bull


I've enjoyed many a Robert DeNiro movie over the years. In all honesty, who hasn't? From "The Godfather" up through "Raging Bull," to his foray into comedy with the "Analyze This" and "Meet The Fockers" franchises. In fact - personally - my fave flick of his is probably "Midnight Run," where his co-star was Charles Grodin. 

But his appearance at the Tony's, to introduce a musical number by Bruce Springsteen, was cringe-inducing. He didn't so much as work his way up to saying "F*** Trump." They were his opening words. It was childish, beneath him and, frankly, he came off as a guy who's kinda losing it. 

Also, for the record, I'd feel the same if this was five years ago and Clint Eastwood did the same thing, but Obama was on the receiving end. 


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