Bizarre "Dear White People" Article


Has anyone ever seen the Starbucks employee who called the police on the two African-American men who sat down without ordering anything? I'm genuinely asking. I find it curious that this male or female, young or old, white or black barista hasn't been front and center throughout this thing. Maybe because it'd hurt the narrative.

Then there's this story: A very clearly miserable woman wants to ruin a BBQ a group of people are having because she claims the portion of the park they're setting up their charcoal grill in is - according to her anyway - off-limits. The catch? She's white and they're black. 

The author of the piece, and obviously the LA Times editorial board, sees fit to bind these stories together and deem them fueled by racism. Not just jackass people with nothing better to do who would have reacted the exact same way to whoever got on their nerves at that precise moment. That's not journalism - it's dangerous.  


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