Mattel Launching Sequel To Popular Card Game Uno


After nearly fifty years, the popular card game Uno is getting a sequel. Mattel announced they are planning on a releasing a new card game next month called Dos, according to the New York Post

The new game will be similar to Uno, but with a few key differences. Players will make two piles of cards and will able to throw down two cards per turn instead of just one. The game will be available for only $5.99 at Target stores in March, with a full roll-out scheduled for August.

The game took two years to develop, with most of the time spent ensuring Dos is different from the original. 

The news comes as Mattel has been struggling to turn its business around. The company has tried to attract a younger audience and has seen some success with the Uno brand. While the overall revenues for the toy company were down 11% last year, the popular card game saw a 12% increase in sales.

Mattel recently updated the game with cards featuring emojis and baby animals and is planning to release a smartphone version of the game later in the spring. 


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