When I turned 30 I was working with Glenn Beck on KC101. He surprised me with a guitar signed by one of my favorite rockers, Jon Bon Jovi. Beck was recently divorced, living in a one-room apartment in Hamden, and flat broke. He was lost, I was found; we discussed what to do when you feel as if you're not doing what you were meant to do. His glass was half-empty (literally and figuratively - his sobriety just recently taking hold) and mine was half-full. I was just finding my groove, finally gainfully employed, and as a writer to boot (writing bits for the show), but Beck was increasingly disenchanted with talking about pop stars and what he found to now be frivolous when there were so many important discussions to have. Talk radio was calling. I thought he was crazy but he answered. On his 50th birthday he is happily remarried and has built an empire. The secret to that? Well, listen below and come back tomorrow for the video of my appearance.

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