I hate that question. There's something cringe-inducing about "picking a side," but we all do it, and have done it since fights broke out while playing Kickball with the kids on our street growing up. Check out the video HERE (courtesy of The Blaze), accompanying the story about a guy who races home - while filming himself delivering a play-by-play the whole way - because he just got word that a policeman shot and killed his dog on his property in his absence: http://bit.ly/1nP4n9S


For what it's worth, I think the police conduct themselves (present-tense) more than appropriately, especially considering Filming Man's aggressive behavior - although my heart goes out to the guy, obviously, as his dog has just been killed. With that in mind, the police conducted themselves appropriately - that's the bigger question...the main question. I say yes. After all, they were searching for a missing child, and appear as if they feel horrible. Then again, the officer who gunned man's best friend down didn't even stick around to speak with the pooch's owner.

What do YOU think?