As we welcomed a new puppy into our home last week (after a failed first attempt just over a year ago), I began hearing those two words that have always puzzled me all over again: Unconditional Love. Dog-lovers love to bandy these words - this term, this nonsense - about. Hey, I'm one too; a dog-lover, that is.

But there ARE conditions: Feed me, don't hurt me, don't leave me in a car, don't take your anger out on me, don't leave me out in the yard in sub-zero temperatures.

Now, if you want to bicker with me over all that, go right ahead. You'll probably make great points. God knows dogs are about as loyal as it gets. So my larger question is this: Who wants a love that has no conditions? A woman who just sits there loving a guy who treats her terribly is a "sucker;" a guy who does the same is "whipped."

What's wrong with conditions anyway? Things like Be kind, make me laugh, take what upsets me seriously and I'll do the same; love me, make love to me, show me you love me. These are conditions, no?

Love, honor, obey. What are vows, if not conditions? 

Listen HERE and weigh in....