The emails came pouring in when a first grader's math problem, courtesy of Common Core, was read - and reacted to - on The Project earlier this week. Angry parents and even educators requested the problem in question, and the commentary on it, be posted. Well, here ya go:

Now, personally, I maintain that the 1st grader who not only gets this problem right but gets there the way Common Core demands, will surely cure cancer by 4th grade. Getting it right - for some - is do-able, sure, but the manner in which they are to figure it out is confounding - for both the children, the students, and the parents who have to watch their 6-year-old frantically erase, clench their fists and even shed some tears. 

Even more frustrating is my belief that Common Core will ultimately be abandoned, but the kids who clawed their way through it will have lost precious years. Not to mention 75% of their confidence.