Clearly "The War On" is the new black. I mean, it's the new "____-Gate." We are supposed to collectively cringe when a word is placed directly before "gate" and at the end of a sentence that begins with the words "the war on." 

This time around it's "The War on Masculinity." And I gotta tell ya, some of it makes a LOT of sense. Check out the article below, courtesy of

Now, admittedly, much of the article reads like it was originally intended for The Onion (at least, it does to me). #2 is crazy ridiculous, for example. But, #'s 3, 4, 6 & 9 are spot-on. Especially 6. 

So, MY question is this: Is "macho" the new "bitch?" Is it the word men are now supposed to wear as a badge of honor in some situations, but doubling as a word that can be used against them, one they should rail against and view as potentially damaging to their life, both personal AND professional?