Check this story out involving a 42-year-old teacher texting a 15-year-old student, courtesy of The Huffington Post:

This story left me wanting. It is reported that the teacher who was texting what were deemed "inappropriate messages" to the 15-year-old showed up at her home to talk to the father, and then refused to leave. The fact that his visit took place after 9PM is presented in an oddly perfunctory capacity. The visit alone is odd, never mind the refusing to leave - but isn't the fact that he showed up after 9PM alarming?

Also, isn't texting the student more than half his age inappropriate in and of itself, despite what the messages were. How did he get her number? Are schools making students' cell phone numbers mandatory, in the sense that they have to enter them into a data-base, just as we parents have to?

And, finally, it is noted that neither the teacher or the bat-wielding father have been charged with a crime. So where is the resolution here?