I love Megyn Kelly. Sure, a big part of this love is derived from her simply being gorgeous, from that luminous smile. But, beyond that, she's a breath of fresh air on the conservative "dial" and approaches stories uniquely.

Such was the case yet again this week, when she full-on laughed in the face of a guest. Admittedly, I laughed too - but mostly because Kelly laughed so heartily her cameraman followed suit and could be heard in the background. Contagious and all.

That said, the guest, filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza, came the closest anyone has come to answering a question I've been asking for years: "Why would Obama want to be president of the country if he didn’t love the U.S.?"

Check the entire segment out HERE, courtesy of The Blaze: http://bit.ly/1lvtx1q

Kelly's smile remains until the end of the interview once D'Souza endeavors to (admittedly, clumsily) answer the question, and while I can gaze upon that smile for hours, why did his answer make a bit of sense to me?