Regular listeners of The Project know that 15 years after my last dog passed away (because it took THAT long) I finally got another one, a wonderful little puppy we named Mystic. My kids had their heart set on a French bulldog, as a family member has had one for years, and the kooky-looking, precocious pooch cast a spell over them. So, after a little homework we found a litter and picked ours out, just in time for a Christmas Eve debut 'neath the tree. The snoring is ungodly but, my, is he adorable.

Here we are pretty darn close to Mystic's first birthday coming to pass (October) and we've tried not once, not twice, but three times to have him neutered. He keeps getting turned away due to his "liver levels being too high." The first time didn't necessarily surprise us; Mystic had begun vomiting up his food after every meal, and as such he wasn't putting on any weight whatsoever. The vet suggested myriad pricey dog food and we went through it all before Googling (I know, I know) other foods he might like. It's been chicken ever since and he put on some weight, looks great, and is running around the house the way a puppy should. Be that as it may, he was turned down two more times for the "snipping," and myriad pricey vet visits ensued, despite the fact that we acquired pet insurance from the get-go.

The arrogant vet who turned down "fixing" our dog this most recent time, and then charged us some 400 dollars for the exam that followed, recommended a specialist who did an ultrasound, X-rays, etc. and came up with nothing. 



Except maybe a few bucks for the doctor who recommended her to us in the first place. (I believe they call this a "kick-back.")

She then recommended a specialist herself, in Yonkers (is there a Yonkers, CT?) that would involve more invasive peering, hotel stays, etc., all for a dog that is racing around the house, eating up a storm (and not vomiting) but whose liver levels remain high, thus refusing to be neutered. Does he feel a need...a need to breed? Or am I knee-deep in the racket of all rackets?