I have only "been to Disney" once - as a small kid, 6-years-old, pre-Epcot. My grandparents took all four of their grandchildren in one shot, imploring us to stay close, not stray, repeatedly telling us that we would be "big dummies if we wandered off." By midday Pop got lost and it took us two hours, and the assistance of an announcement on the park loudspeaker, to find him, irony not lost on a single one of us.

That was a decidedly different Disney, though. Finding Pop was considerably easier due to the fact that Disney was not a third the size of what it is now. It is absolutely sprawling, this octopus with resorts flailing like arms (and probably more than 8), reaching as far out as possible. Mickey was nowhere to be found. We were there for four full days and never saw him. The characters do meet 'n greets now; they're not just walking around, breaking into funny dances, preening for photos at every turn. Those photos come, like pretty much everything else at Disney, after at least a 45 minute wait in line.  

But it IS Disney. In other words, most of everything there is worth the wait. And my son's enthusiasm as we waited to see "Captain EO" (oh yeah, he's a huge Michael Jackson fan) plus my daughter's as we waited to enter "The Haunted Mansion" made even waiting fun.

Of course, Walt's fondness for history was lost on the wee ones, though they muddled through some of the show-cum-history lessons quite well. Give a listen to one such retelling here: http://bit.ly/1icKKcu

The most interesting moment (for me anyway) came when I purchased an "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" shirt. My kids asked who he was and I explained that he had been Walt Disney's first creation, but was stolen out from under him by unscrupulous publishers, only to pave the way for Mickey Mouse. They were incredulous; "Why would you buy THAT shirt? They ripped Walt Disney off!" I countered that there was a great story, and even lesson, in the whole thing, to which they responded: "Disney's not about lessons."