While I maintain that Taylor Swift's music keeps getting better and better (some tunes fall into the anthem category for this music-lover), she was starting to get on my nerves.

The hair-tossing was careening over the top, but I was able to deal, thanks, again, to her typically doing it smack dab in the middle of performing an epic pop ditty. The preening for the camera while in her seat at award shows. The dancing in the aisles at these award shows, acting as if she's not even aware that the camera is on her. The songs about bullies while she seemed to be becoming one herself, albeit via song.

All of these criticisms aside, the music was still something I turned up in the car and/or went into my 11-year-old daughter's room to rock out to when she put a CD in.

The criticisms have all blown away in the wind for good now anyway, thanks to what you can watch (and simply HAVE TO WATCH), courtesy of The Blaze, HERE: http://bit.ly/UQHKKN

I am well aware that most celebrities - from pop stars to actors to professional athletes - do this sort of thing all the time: visit sick fans, especially children. And, sure, the fact that this cancer-stricken 6-year-old is so full of energy and smiles and dances and sings along with Taylor with such abandon obviously moves this loving father of two.

But Taylor....she's simply a wonder here. She mails in nothing during her visit. She swirls with the guitar in her hand, makes "We Will Never Get Back together" soar with the tiniest of untuned guitars while in a hospital corridor - not exactly conducive to great acoustics; she loses herself in both song and moment. 

And this little guy has one with her. Her eventual, inevitable song about him deserves to be a #1 hit. And will be despite the subject matter because she's an exceptional songwriter. Taylor, you and I...? We ARE back together.