I have been recording commercials for Mohegan Sun for years now, uttering the words "your time to shine" for many of them. Well, someone actually did shine this past weekend at Mohegan Sun...but it wasn't me. Heck, it wasn't even who was performing that night! (Although, for the record, it was Lionel Richie who was performing, and he was fantastic. Opening act Cee-Lo Green was pretty good too, and the reason I brought my daughter to the show.)

Despite my shenanigans on-air occasionally, I go out of my way when with my children to be polite to strangers - holding the door for people, small talk with those waiting in the same line, little jokes to ushers showing us to our seats, etc. "It's not difficult," I always tell them, "to be nice to people." Obviously, I conduct myself the same way when not with my children, but I definitely turn it up a notch when they're around. Role model and all. Learn by example.

Another thing I've always done is when I get to my seats at a concert or movie or Broadway show I assure the person my big, fat head is directly in front of to feel free to tap me on the shoulder to scoot down if they can't see. Admittedly, I typically only make this offer to children or seniors - but, rest assured, I am accessible; flexible.

So, when a woman who described herself as "irate" came racing up to me after 10 seconds - yes, only ten seconds - of standing during Cee-Lo, well, something totally unexpected happened.

Listen HERE: http://bit.ly/1uz1qDo