I shared a story last week about running into a girl I became friends with one summer in 1983 while we were both enduring summer school. Many listeners requested that I post the story/audio, so here it is:


After maybe the 9th or 10th request came in to make a podcast of this particular monologue I paused to ponder why all these people were requesting hearing it again. So I listened to it again. And then again. Did it make these people feel better about relationships they had let dissipate? Or better about relationships that had wondrously been taken to a next level that made them appreciative and excited? Or, as is the case with me, is it both?

I've outgrown friends, friends have outgrown me; I've embraced a saying that I never really bought into when I was younger, the ol' "we're growing apart." I always felt that was a cop-out. It's not. It happens. It takes work - if you're so inclined - to continue to find common ground, to each spread your own individual wings yet still land on the same branch. And while it is a bummer to leave friends behind, or be left behind, and leave lovers behind...or be left behind...I say as long there's growing, don't look back. After all, you're not heading in that direction.