Country superstar Taylor Swift leaked the video of her new song "Shake It Off" this week, from her forthcoming CD, "1989" (the year she was born, which is SO depressing). In record time there were cries the video is racist. First of all, the track is anything but country - as Swift delves deeper into pop/rock territory - and second, the video is anything but racist. But you already knew that. Unless you have a misery quota to reach every week - which much of America does these days.

Check the story out here, courtesy of HuffPo:

Check out my live watching and reacting to the video HERE:

Deeming Taylor Swift racist for looking on incredulously as dancers (both black and white) twerk while she's dressed as a rapper is like calling SpongeBob elitist for quitting the Krusty Krab. 

What do YOU think?