OK, OK, so it's a song I wrote, called "Krauthammer," to the tune of Gabriel's classic "Sledgehammer." But you already knew that. This homage to the brilliant writer and Fox News contributor was recorded in one take - can ya believe it?

Listen HERE: http://bit.ly/1qbm7ls


Here are the lyrics:


You should have a speech written/But it just won't make him crack

You can have statistics flying/It'll earn you a verbal smack


All they do is call him

Give him 10 minutes on the screen


You could have a big comeback/Going up and down, making your point

You could have a retort tortin' /He's gonna own you in the joint


You'll never be a Krauthammer

Why don't you bow before his brain?

You'll never be a Krauthammer

Your boxers you will stain.