Look, I'm not really a fan of Oliver Stone's work. My favorite movie of his is probably "Any Given Sunday." After that, the "Wall Street" movies. His "Doors" biopic was a huge letdown, "Natural Born Killers" was as bizarre as it was disturbing, and his political movies are overlong, warped, and didactic.

That said, I find his recent comments about President Obama, Steven Spielberg and -gasp! - his endorsement of Ron Paul amazing. Check them out here, courtesy of The Blaze: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/02/23/if-oliver-stone-hadnt-burned-his-final-obama-buddy-bridge-this-statement-lights-the-match/

His disdain for the President pops the balloon of Hollywood being overrun with liberals, but far more interesting is his suggestion that Obama as subject matter would be more up Spielberg's "feel-good" alley. This suggests that "Savages" sequel might actually happen. Probably straight to video, just as Spielberg's Obama movie would probably be. Even though he'd probably score Anthony Hopkins for Biden.