What to make of the new "fad" that is the "Knock-out Game?" How does such an exercise in belligerence get thought up, never mind catch on? Whatever the answer, and if it will get a solid footing in the zeitgeist or not - ya know, like drive-bys - it has made its way to the Elm City. Read about it here: bit.ly/IcydHV

And what is the Knockout Game if not a fist-fueled variation on the drive-by theme? A stranger walks by you, and suddenly, many times from behind, strikes you in the head with the sole intention of knocking you out with one punch and maybe, just maybe, becoming a YouTube sensation at the same time. Quite the goal, if not perk.

For anyone who has ever taken a punch to the head, you know full well the pain, the rushing adrenaline; but what about the old woman walking to her car after bingo? One homeless man died as the result of the Knockout Game, from a combination of a pre-existing condition (Obamacare anyone?) and landing on a fence after sustaining the blow. 

What do you think the punishment should be for playing the Knockout Game? I think a good start would be the player getting knocked out himself.