John Kerry returned to Yale for Class Day this past weekend, regaling all in attendance with glory days that ended in 1966. While his speech had some moments, I couldn't get over how much he looked like a character from a Rankin/Bass Christmas special!

Listen HERE:


Lyrics to Grad School Is Comin' To Town


You better watch out/You better not cry

Your student loan's massive and you all look high

Grad school is comin' tow town...

Your parents are pissed/They're tellin' ya twice

As rich as they are Yale's a hefty price

And Grad school is comin' to town...seriously??

It saw you out there creepin'/Lost and feeling blah

A career path fraught with tumbleweeds & you're wasted at Kudeta

You better watch out/Why even try?

Not everyone marries into money, I'm a really lucky guy

Grad school is comin' to town!