Have you all caught the NBC interview with Bode Miller, the Olympic bronze medalist whose younger brother died suddenly this past year? I suggest watching it before weighing in on the controversy, as opposed to simply listening to it on the radio. It NEEDS to be seen. You can watch it here, courtesy of The Blaze.


I find the outrage perplexing. NBC correspondent Christin Cooper does NOT ask the same question repeatedly, and ultimately places her hand on Miller's arm when he finally breaks down, whispering, "I'm sorry, babe." She can use the word "babe" because there is a history there. Miller is defending Cooper in the press and while doing so stresses how far back they go, always adding that she's a "sweet person" and a "friend." His tears and ultimate collapse, before being surrounded by loved ones, is at once cathartic and profound - something so many poeple in the throes of grieving, while resisting showing the sadness, need to see. Something young boys who view Miller as a role model need to see.

But, most importantly, I find it so hypocritical that Americans can love seeing microphones crammed in the face of celebrities, politicians and so on and squeal with delight when that awful question is asked, when the interviewer pushes, embarassing the interviewee the goal; our Johnny Knoxville-cum-TMZ sensibilities seem to have eroded just in time for Bode. Doesn't bode well for Cooper, and other good-natured interviewers out there.

Your thoughts?