Traffic was backed up from Madison back to Old Saybrook and from Madison down to New Haven this past Saturday, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (focal point of my new book "Clintonisms 2.0: Hill-arious!"), made a pit-stop at R.J. Julia's Booksellers (my fave bookstore, BTW) to push her own book, "Hard Choices." This latest entry in her memoir canon is an inside account of her four years as secretary of state.

Fans and haters were both in abundance, though the former outweighed the latter. Hey, it was a book-signing, after all. (Can I count on the same crowd for my book? It's called "Clintonisms 2.0: Hill-arious!")

Read about the event HERE, courtesy of Thew New Haven Independent and The Branford Eagle:

Folks traveled from Morris Cove to Massachusetts to meet the former first lady, with some confident enough to declare her "the first woman president of the United States." A protest took place amidst the long line to get books signed, but it was peaceful, with - reportedly - a post-protest BBQ on a nearby beach not long afterwards. Look, holding those signs can work up quite the appetite.

Facetiousness aside, and whichever way you may be leaning, the biggest question is: Have you ordered your copy of "Clintonisms 2.0: Hill-arious!" yet? It's available right now at