On Monday we're reading East Rock Alder Michael Stratton's resignation letter after one year of banging his head against a wall on the city's behalf.

On Tuesday we're reading about an internal investigation involving Stratton and an arrest made a few weeks back wherein he was the "victim." The culprit? A 20-year-old woman he was allegedly involved with who hit him so many times she couldn't remember the number. Stratton was not arrested. 

By Tuesday night we're reading another Stratton letter: This one suggesting Mayor Harp, who feels the police chief's order of an internal investigation is warranted, just got herself an opponent when she seeks re-election next year.

Read about it HERE, courtesy of The New Haven Independent: http://bit.ly/1ry29zr

I welcome your thoughts/comments. The timing is certainly interesting. Did Stratton emerge from his resignation shining too much like a new dime? Or was the dime bag that was allegedly at the scene of the attack get intentionally left out of the report, in which case that's more on the arresting officer, isn't it? Either way a Harp/Stratton ticket would be the first real race New Haven's seen in YEARS.